Skilled Litigator

I have substantial experience representing top-industry corporate clients, small-to-mid-sized businesses and individuals in a variety of litigated matters. There are no shortcuts to success. Each case requires a targeted legal strategy, dedication to detail, and transparency with the client. This ensures a shared understanding of goals and expectations.

skilled litigator

Judges increasingly are deciding pretrial matters based on the papers filed by counsel, before oral argument.  It therefore is more important than ever to have an attorney who is careful, thorough and skilled in the preparation of court papers.  I always have emphasized effective legal writing in my cases.  Samples are available on request, or check out my posts and publications on this website.

As technology continues to evolve, I take pride in keeping on top of new developments, to stay on the cutting edge and maximize my effectiveness as legal counsel.

Although we often resolve court cases before trial, I have conducted jury trials, bench trials, and appeals to the state and federal courts.

My initial investigations are thorough, and I personally plan case strategies with the client, to ensure mutuality of goals and expectations.

I take pride in offering vigorous representation at reasonable rates.

Feel free to contact my office for a free consultation about your case.